Alyssa’s Hospital Update

Hey guys, this is Sean and Terri. Alyssa’s surgery went really well, and hopefully she should start experiencing a difference in her gastroparesis in about 2 weeks, which we hope will allow her to really be able to eat more foods again and actually digest what she eats. Yay! But it’s been a very interesting time after Alyssa’s surgery. The night after was one awful night. Alyssa was in so much pain and was throwing up all night long. I cannot imagine what that feels like after surgery (on a pain scale 10 out of 10). The next day she finally started rebounding from the surgery and her IV medications began kicking in. We had some pretty decent days where we were excited about how good she felt (she was at a 7 out of 10 mostly, a normal day for her pain scale is a 5-6), until we started weaning her off of the IV medications. She was doing alright at first, a little up and down but we were usually able to get her back on track with the occasional IV medication (whether pain related or nausea related). Then today the surgical team, without warning, took her off the IV meds just as Alyssa crashed really hard and had the worst migraine of her life. Her pain spiked (10 out of 10) and so did her nausea which only seems to increase her pain. The doctors don’t seem to understand how bad her gastroparesis is, that the pills seem to be staying in her stomach for 3-4 hours before they begin kicking in and when they do kick in they don’t seem to last long or be powerful enough because her body isn’t absorbing all the medication, only some of it. We are still in the process of persisting in getting sublingual or transdermal pain medication that will more quickly absorb in her system and ensure pain relief when out of the hospital and on the trip home.  Meanwhile, she is determined to fight through without the IV pain meds.


Through all this pain and ups and downs, Alyssa has been such a fighter.  She has constantly been a joy and uplifting presence to us, the doctors, and the nurses, and we hope we have been the same for her. Even though at times it seems the doctors don’t listen or that the meds aren’t working, Alyssa has constantly put her trust in God and has depended on Him wholeheartedly. God is good; He is with us and even through pain and struggles, He provides. We are all so grateful for the faithful prayer warriors battling with us in so many prayers offered on Alyssa’s behalf!  Keep praying!


3 thoughts on “Alyssa’s Hospital Update

  1. God has continually led Alyssa down a path. Maybe this is God’s way to using Alyssa to share His good news.
    God is our ultimate fighter while he keeps us under His wing protecting us.


  2. Hi Alyssa,
    I’m Stephanie, Brittany Easter’s sister from Bixby. She told me about you because of your diagnosis, so I wanted to reach out to let you know that I will pray every day for you, to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that I would love to help out in any way that I can. Brittany told me that she contacted you, but please let me know if you want to talk to my friend, Jen, with EDS and POTS and lyme disease. I really highly recommend it. She goes to all the talks of the best doctors in the nation, and she’s a wealth of information, encouragement, and knowledge of how to navigate the healthcare system.

    I have POTS, and I’m willing to help out in any way that I can. There is a POTS expert here at the Mayo in Scottsdale that ppl come to see from all over the country, and I know of a few experts at Mayo for mast cell activation. YOU WILL NOT HAVE DOCS TELLING YOU THAT THEY HAVE NO CLUE OR TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE EXHAUSTED ALL RESOURCES AND YOU WILL (I PROMISE) FIND DOCTORS WHO LISTEN TO YOU. I know that’s the toughest part in all of this. If you decided that you wanted to get treated by Mayo, you and your family are welcome to stay with me and my husband in Scottsdale. I know we’ve never met, but hopefully you feel comfortable with my offer since you know my sister. We live 15 min from the Mayo ER/main hospital and 15 min from the doctor’s offices Mayo on Shea Blvd. I can even introduce you Jen to you in person should you decide to go to Mayo AZ for treatment. Just know that’s an option.

    Wishing you all the best. Stay strong my friend. God doesn’t bless this with just anybody….only those who are special like you. Lots of hugs!


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