Alyssa Update 2.0

Sean and Terri here again,…WE ARE FREE!  We have escaped the compounds of the hospital and are back in the apartment.  To be real, while sometimes things were hard and a struggle with this surgery (balancing and overcoming the effects of necessary narcotics was rough!) and  although a few of the doctors and staff made things difficult, there were certain people who were really helpful and supportive. So on that note, we want to put a big thank you out there to the majority of our nurses! Most of them advocated for us, really listened to what we said and were some of the sweetest people you could meet, especially one named “Zori.”  Zori if you read this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you are the best and we love you and how hard you worked at taking care of Alyssa.

We are planning to fly out Friday at 3pm eastern time and will be back in Tulsa that night! We are so ready to be back home and back in our comfort zone. The next big hurdle we have is getting home. Flying is incredibly hard on Alyssa; on the way to DC we gave her anti-nausea meds, ice packs on her forehead and neck, and had her smelling peppermint and other essential oils. So trying to contain her nausea and her pain levels while flying are our biggest concerns for returning home. (Charlie is a great flyer by the way!)

We truly appreciate the prayers and messages we have received from so many of you. They have uplifted and encouraged us so much!  God heard your calling and has answered. As mentioned in the last post, Alyssa should hopefully start seeing results in two weeks from the 9th but we wouldn’t be surprised if with her slow healing it doesn’t take a few weeks longer. We are hoping for improvements with her POTS and circulatory system overall even though it may not be as likely as the main focus of this surgery which was restoring blood flow to her celiac artery and stomach.

IMG_4889(Charlie looking out the plane window)

So we ask that you continue to pray; pray for the trip home, pray that Alyssa’s incisions will heal well and fully, pray that the surgery effects will be fast, pray that the surgery will provide the additional needed benefits, pray with thankfulness that the initial surgery went well, pray with thankfulness for the nurses we had in recovery, pray with thankfulness for Dr. Kane who performed this surgery on Alyssa, and lastly praise God for providing all of this for us. You guys are all loved by us, we thank you and pray for you as well.


2 thoughts on “Alyssa Update 2.0

  1. See if you can find pressure point bracelets for both wrists. I get nausea just sitting on a swing. These make a great difference on swings and flying.
    so glad provided so many positive people and possibilities to happen, praise God.


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